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Hammond Printer Repair Shop

I have a color laser printer. I use it for my business. We do direct mail marketing for law firms. So, in a way it is one of the most important tools I have. Because it gets a lot of use, I am surprised I did not have any problems with it before now. It has been quite reliable. Because the toner cartridges contain the drum, toner, developer and a chip, any problems along those lines are easy to fix. I just replace the cartridge. But I came across a problem a few days ago that I could not take care of myself. I had to find a Hammond printer repair shop that could help me with a quick turnaround. Somehow a sheet of paper had wrapped itself around one of the rollers. I could see it, but there was not easy access. I found a Hammond printer repair shop that agreed to fix it the same day. When I told him the problem, he explained that it was a bit tricky to get to on my particular model of printer. When I took it in, he took a quick look and suggested that I wait. Within 15 minutes he had taken it apart, pulled out the page and put it back together.