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Ready To Replace Machine Watchers On Your Shop Floor? Get Piezo Scanning Systems Today

If you are paying full-time employees to spend time in your shop just watching machines and looking at pieces when they come out of a machining line, you may be able to save money if you replace this position with an automatic scanner. This means that you don't have to pay a full-time employee or the benefits, sick days, and other costs that are associated.

There are a lot of technological options that you can explore to help find the best replacement for the line employee. Here are some of the things that you want to consider.

Look at Scanning Machine Options

If you are tired of having an in house professional stand to watch the machines in your plant and you think that you could have a high-quality scanning system do the work instead, it may be time to invest your money into this. You want to look at scanning devices, which can be more efficient and effective than having a person standing to watch the process.

Talk with the scanning professionals to have them come to your shop to do an assessment, to see if their scanning devices and systems could possibly work for you. The machine will flag or sound an alarm if something is off, and a floor manager can go over and asses the problem.

Get Cameras Inside the Space

With cameras overlooking the machines, attached to the machines and inside the space, you can even hire an at-home professional to look at what is coming out of the machines. They can contact the person that is on the shift and in charge. Having someone work from home is a great way to lower overhead costs and to still get the inspections that are needed on the machines that can't use scanning systems.

The cameras aren't just beneficial to look at the components that are coming out of the machines but also to help protect yourself as a business and employer. You can see why and how something went wrong if you are having problems with employees in the space, and you may have it recorded if someone gets hurt.

If having people standing at all the machines just watching the parts come out is something that is costing you a fortune, it's time to make a change. Talk with the professionals and get the information that you need to set a budget for the scanners and to get them installed. Look for scanners like Piezo scanners as well as other brands.