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Need A New Phone System For Your Business? Benefits Of Choosing An Open Source Phone System

The type of phone system you choose for your business is a big decision. It can also be difficult to choose, as there are so many choices. One type of phone system you will find is an open-source phone system. Below is more information about open-source phone systems and the benefits of choosing this type for your business.

Open Source Phone System

An open-source phone system has a source code that allows you to easily program the code for the software. With a closed system, the code is closed, and no one can make changes. With an open system, anyone has the ability to read and modify the code to make changes to the phone system, as needed.

There are many parts of an open-source phone system. First is the hardware, which is generally a tower PC or a server. The next part is the operating system, which is generally a Linux distribution. The operating system allows your code developers and programmers to have the interface they need to access the phone system software. 

The next part of an open-source phone system is the open-source software. This is one of the most important parts, as this is the heart of your phone system. This is where the code is that programmers can change as needed. 

Open Source Phone System Benefits

One of the main benefits of an open-source phone system is that it is free. You will still have to purchase the hardware needed to run the open-source software, but the tower or server needed will not cost you a lot of money, generally under $1,000. The open-source software can be purchased, but it is available for free online. 

Open source phone systems are also customizable because you can integrate the system with applications like click to dial, email, and much more. 

There is also a lot of support available for an open-source phone system. You will find a variety of communities online that has both developers and administrators who are knowledgeable about using this type of phone system. These people can give you a lot of advice and teach you a lot about the phone system that you may not know. 

Do research online to determine if you want to purchase open-source phone system software or to download it for free. Purchasing it would be a good option if you are not familiar with using this type of phone system at all, as you will get the support that you need.