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4 Tips For Creating A Custom Barcode That Stands Out For Your Business

If you sell a physical product, you need a way of keeping track of that physical product. One of the most common ways of keeping track of physical products is with a barcode.

Many businesses overlook the opportunity to get creative with their barcodes and use it as a form of marketing and product identification. When creating your custom barcode, make sure you include the basics with your custom design so your barcode will work.

Use the Lines to Make a Shape

The lines on your barcode do not have to be a straight series of lines. They can be used to create a shape.

For example, you can shape the lines so that they create an outline of an object. For example, you could make the barcode look like the outline of the state where you create your products. Or, you could make the barcode create a pattern.

Dress Up Space Around the Barcode

Second, you can dress up the space around the barcode.

For example, you could make the barcode look lime an amp for a guitar, and then add a guitar graphic to the side of the barcode, leaning on the amp. Or could add the head of a zebra, allowing the barcode to look like it is the body of the zebra.

Or, you could put an umbrella at the bottom of the barcode, with the lines for the barcode designed to look like rain. Or you could make the barcodes look like the mouth of an animal, adding an animal face to the top and bottom of the barcode area.

Add objects next to the barcode to help transform the barcode into a marketing image that connects with your brand.

Use Colors in Your Barcode

Barcodes are often just black lines, but they don't have to be. Barcodes use black lines because black ink is cheap, and it is usually easy to read. You can use a color for your barcode, or you can use multiple colors.

Just make sure there is a nice contrast with the colors and the background of your product so that the barcode is easy to scan. Play with some different color combinations and check to make sure that they still scan easily.

Don't Forget the Numbers

Don't forget that your barcode is not just lines, it is a series of numbers as well. Make sure your barcode includes a series of numbers across the top or bottom of the barcode. You can even incorporate the numbers into your design.

Don't go for a flat barcode with just black lines. Turn your barcode into a shape or object that connects to your brand. Use the barcode as another way to increase your brand visibility and market your product.

For more tips, reach out to a company that offers products like custom barcode labels.