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Features To Pursue In A Cloud-Based Phone System

If you run a company that is in need of a phone system, one powered via the cloud might be worth considering, like a Microsoft Cloud PBX phone system solution. These types of phone systems are easy to set up and affordable, and they come with so many incredible features. However, these features in particular should be at the top of your list when looking for said phone systems.

Video Conferencing

Throughout the year your company will probably need to sit down and talk to multiple parties like clients and investors. Instead of flying them out to your offices directly, it's much easier to get a cloud-based phone system with video conferencing technology.

This enables everyone to see each other's faces like they're present in real time. This video format is also more engaging than just talking over the phone. Those in attendance can view each other and engage in an interactive manner, making group meetings all the more worthwhile and productive. 

Auto Attendants 

When you receive calls from customers each day, it's important to screen them effectively. You'll then know what the call is about and can prepare accordingly. Screening calls won't be very difficult if you get a cloud-based phone system with auto attendants.

Customers that call in will immediately be received by an auto attendant, which is a pre-recorded message that helps direct their call. It can send them to a particular department or the customer on the other end of the line can use the attendant to find out important information. It's a very resourceful tool that every company needs today with their business phone system.

Call Forwarding

There will be times when customer calls need to be transferred from one phone to another. You can carry out these transfers quickly and effectively by looking for a cloud-based phone system equipped with call forwarding.

This technology is nice because it lets you move calls to all sorts of destinations, such as cell phones and specific lines in your building.

All users have to do is know the line number that is warranted for the call and then enter it in. The call will be transferred and picked up by the appropriate party.

Having a cloud-based phone system in your office is incredible because it's so easy to use and can be set up quickly. As long as you take a look at the available features and choose some that you see having the most direct impact on your operations, you'll be happy with this phone purchase.