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Two Smart Home Features You Can Easily Add To Your Home

Looking for ways to make your home feel more modern by incorporating technology into ordinary devices? If so, it is very easy to do this with smart home products. The following are two products that you can purchase from a retailer in your area and install on your own, making it the perfect DIY project for people that want to add a bit more technology to their lives.

Smart Lighting

There are several ways to add smart lighting to your home, with the easiest way being smart plugs. These plugs go directly into your outlet, and you can control whatever device is plugged into it. They work best with lights that have a power switch that remains in the "on" position, but the plugs can work with any device if it has a physical switch that can keep it turned on.

You can get a bit more advanced and swap out your old wall switches for smart switches, which allow you to control overhead lights in your rooms. You can use smart dimmers and 3-way switches so that you can control your lighting in any wiring configuration.

These smart light switches can then be controlled using voice commands through a digital assistant, a smartphone app, or a home hub that has programmable buttons to control your lighting. Set rules so that lights turn on and off at certain times, and even make it look like you're away from home by simulating real activity with random timers. 

Smart Locks

Amp up the security of your home by using smart locks. While you still have the option to use a traditional key, smart locks can be operated by using an app on a smartphone to lock or unlock doors. This makes it easy to give temporary access to anyone that needs to get into your home, such as a cleaning service or dog walker, without giving up a physical key that could have a copy made from it. 

In addition, smart locks can even be operated with your digital assistant. Gives yourself peace of mind by saying a voice command before you go to bed, and all of the doors in your home will be locked immediately. No more running around and pulling on the door handles to make sure that your home is secure. While voice commands cannot typically be used to unlock your door, it makes getting ready at night a breeze.