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3 Reasons to Repair Your Old Cell Phone’s Screen

No matter how careful you are, cell phones always seem to attract cracks, chips, and scratches. Modern cell phones screens are growing more durable by the day, yet these blemishes still seem to be an unavoidable fact of life. If you have an old cell phone lying around, there's a good chance that its screen has seen better days.

While many people simply replace their phones when the screens become too damaged, there are plenty of reasons to consider a repair instead. Even if you've already replaced your old phone with a newer model, you may want to think about having the screen repaired for these three reasons.

1. Higher Resale or Trade-In Value

If you're in the habit of constantly replacing phones with the latest and greatest upgrade, then your old phone may still have significant value. Unfortunately, a cracked screen can knock that value down significantly, whether you're planning to sell your phone online or trade it in. Repairing the screen can bump that value up, netting you more on your sale than the cost of fixing the screen.

Before taking this route, compare prices for similar phones in good condition versus phones with cracked or damaged screens. If the difference is more than the cost of a repair, it's worth taking the time to restore the screen so you can get the best possible value for your old hardware.

2. Nicer Hand-Me-Downs

Old phones make great gifts for kids or even friends who don't care about always having the newest technology. If you know someone that would enjoy your old phone, why give them one with a cracked screen? The cost of repairing the screen on an old phone is almost always much cheaper than buying a new one, so this is an easy and inexpensive way to revitalize your gift.

Hand-me-downs are also a great way to help the planet by reducing electronic waste. The longer your old phone stays in service, the longer it will remain out of a landfill. By fixing the screen before you pass it on, its new owner will be more likely to keep it and enjoy it for many months or even years.

3. Repurposing

Old phones are far from useless. You can use your old devices as fancy remote controls, alarm clocks, ebook readers, or even as networking equipment. If you've got an old phone sitting in a drawer that you're planning on tossing in the trash, it's worth considering how you might be able to repurpose it. Fixing the screen is a great way to bring back your old hardware before it begins its new life.

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