5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Text Messaging Solutions

If you are a restaurant owner who has not yet started using a text message system, you could really benefit from doing so. You might find that your business can use text messaging solutions in several ways. These are just five examples. 1. Let Customers Know When Their Table is Ready During busy times, your customers might have to wait a little while for a table. Instead of using an outdated intercom system or pagers to let customers know that their table is ready, you can send them text message alerts. [Read More]

3 Signs It's Time For A Website Security Package

Website security service packages are often sold by website-hosting platforms when people sign up and build their own site. However, many people fail to opt for these service packages simply because they cost more money. If you built your website or had your website built and it is not being protected by a security package, it may be time to make a change. Here is a look at a few signs it is time to opt for a security package for your website. [Read More]

Need A New Phone System For Your Business? Benefits Of Choosing An Open Source Phone System

The type of phone system you choose for your business is a big decision. It can also be difficult to choose, as there are so many choices. One type of phone system you will find is an open-source phone system. Below is more information about open-source phone systems and the benefits of choosing this type for your business. Open Source Phone System An open-source phone system has a source code that allows you to easily program the code for the software. [Read More]

Ready To Replace Machine Watchers On Your Shop Floor? Get Piezo Scanning Systems Today

If you are paying full-time employees to spend time in your shop just watching machines and looking at pieces when they come out of a machining line, you may be able to save money if you replace this position with an automatic scanner. This means that you don't have to pay a full-time employee or the benefits, sick days, and other costs that are associated. There are a lot of technological options that you can explore to help find the best replacement for the line employee. [Read More]